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Thubten Choling is a centre of Buddhist activities. Our primary teacher, Venerable Ngakpa Kalzang Dorje, is a Master of Tibetan Buddhist philosophy and practice. Kalzang-la teaches at gatherings, provides individual consultation, and performs sacred Buddhist ceremonies.

Our spiritual community includes members of diverse backgrounds, and welcomes all those interested to attend. Our members’ enthusiasm and dedication have helped to establish Thubten Choling over the past twenty years.

Thubten Choling has an Enlightenment Stupa that was built for the benefit of all sentient beings. In addition, there is a small temple where the classes are held. The centre also has a library of Buddhist books and resources.
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In addition to teachings on Tibetan Buddhism, Thubten Choling offers spiritual consultation, special events and Buddhist ceremony in the Southern Vancouver Island region.
Tibetan Buddhism in the Cowichan Valley
Join us June 3rd for SakaDawa and June 4th for a Movie Night!